Precautions of Air Compressor Air Oil Separator

1. Take the Compressed Air Quality into Account In normal conditions, the compressed air generated from the air compressor contains a certain amount of water and lubricating oil, both of which are not allowed in certain occasions. In this situation, not only do you need to choose the proper air compressor, but also you have to add some post treatment equipment.

2. Select the non-lubricated compressor which can produce the compressed air only free from oil. When added with the primary or secondary purifier or dryer, the air compressor can make the compressed air with no oil or water content.

3. The degree of drying and proliferation varies according to the client requirement. Generally speaking, the configuration order is: air compressor + air storage tank + FC centrifugal oil-water separator + refrigerated air dryer + FT filter + FA micro oil mist filter + (Absorption drier +FT+FH activated carbon filter.)

4. The air storage tank belongs to the pressure vessel. It should be equipped with safety valve, pressure gage, and other safety accessories. When the air discharge amount is from 2m³/min to 4m³/min, use the 1,000L air storage tank. For the amount ranging from 6m³/min to10m³/min, select the tank with the volume of 1,500L to 2,000L.

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