Are you the manufacturer?

Of course, we are! Also, we’re among the top of compressor filtration manufacturer in China.

Our address: No.420, Huiyu Road JiaDing District, Shanghai City, China

What’s the performance guarantee for your separators and filters?

1.Separators: the initial pressure drop of separator is 0.15bar~0.25bar under ordinary working pressure (0.7Mpa~1.3Mpa). Oil content of compressed air can be controlled within 3ppm~5ppm. Working hour of spin-on type separator is about 2500h~3000h, warranty:2500h. Working hour of separator element is about 4000h~6000h, warranty:4000h.

2. Air filters: filter precision is ≤5μm and filter efficiency is 99.8%. Working hour of air filter is about 2000h~2500h, warranty: 2000h.

3. Oil filters: filter precision is 10μm~15μm. Working hour of our oil filters is about 2000h~2500h, warranty:2000h.


If the product fails within our warranty time, we will offer the replacement for free immediately if it is only our product problem after checked.

What’s the Minimum Order Quantity?

We do not have any limit to the Minimum Order Quantity (except for some OEM parts). Trial order is welcomed. Of course, the more you order, the lower the price will be.

OEM order available?

OEM order (printed with customer logo on product) is available to our factory if the order quantity for each Part No. is over 20 pcs.

How does an oil filter work?

As the oil flows through the filter media, dirt particles are trapped and held within the filter media allowing the clean oil to continue through the filter. All our oil filters have by-pass valve.

Is it required to have an air filter for air compressor?

Yes! Air compressors require air filters to clean any airborne contaminates before being ingested into the air compressor.

What’s an air oil separator?

Air oil separator is designed to separate the oil content from air oil mixture, so that the clean air can go to its different applied field.


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