Cleaning Method of Air Compressor Oil Filter

1. In general, the electroplate liquid contains trace amounts of organic matter. You can use the activated carbon powder to absorb those organic substances.

2. A small amount of residue may exist since the impurities inside the filter may not be cleaned completely. When using the filter, the residue inside the filter cartridge will get into the plating solution. To avoid this problem, the circulation loop is specially designed.

3. Operation Instruction

a. Install a plastic valve onto the outlet of the filter.

b. Before using, open the air release valve.

c. Close the valve, and then connect the power supply to let the motor operate. And the air together with the fluid will enter into the plating solution.

d. After the circulating valve is opened, then you can open the valve to add certain amount of plating solution. Next, add some additive to speed up the filtering process. After three minutes of circulating, add some activated carbon powder. When another three minutes of circulating is over, the fluid can be discharged.

e. Inspect the fluid cleanness to determine the filtering effect.

f. Open the plastic valve and close the circulating valve. Finally, close the discharge valve. Close the dosing valve if fluid residue exists.

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