Air Filter Selection

Generally, the air supply cleanness depends on the last air filter, which is protected by all the front air filters. Various factors should be taken into account when choosing the air filters. Here below are some principles:

1. In accordance with the indoor required purification standards, determine the efficiency of the last air filter. You also have to make sure the number of the air filters that required and their filtering efficiency. If the indoor requires general purification, you can choose the primary filter. For the medium purification, you should also select the medium-efficiency filter, in addition to the primary one. Accordingly, primary, medium, and high-efficient filters should be employed to meet the ultra-clean purification requirement. You should rationally arrange those filters.

2. Determine the dust content of outdoor air. The air filter removes dust from the outdoor air which will enter indoor later. Especially for the multistage filtering treatment, you should choose the filter according to the application environment, spare parts cost, energy consumption, maintenance, etc.

3. Determine the parameters of the air filter. The parameters include filtering efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust holding capacity, etc. As much as possible, you should choose the reasonably priced air filter, which is characterized by high-efficient, low resistance, huge dust holding capacity, moderate filtration velocity, large wind handling capacity, and easy installation.

4. Analyze the property of the dust contained air. The properties consist of temperature, humidity, and the content amount of acidbase or organic solvent. Some air filters is used in high temperature, while some only can be used in the environment with normal temperature and humidity. In addition, the content amount of acid-base or organic solvent will influence the performance of the air filter.

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